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Hermes Bike is the Main Character in the webshow "Hermes"

Early Life

Hermes Bike was close friends with Christe Pellagrino when they were both small children. Something happened eventually that made the two grow distant. He later befriended two kids, Miles Crane and William Jackson.

Later Years

Through meeting Will and Miles, Hermes became friends with Bruce O'Hare. Bruce and Hermes share the same tastes music wise. Hermes is also somewhat close to Dan Trombone.

Personal Life

Hermes has had a crush on Andre Klapstien's Ex-girlfriend Jesse Sparco since the minute he laid eyes on her. Hermes unfortunatly has a stalker, in the form of Dan Trombone.Hermes is close friends with Will Jackson, Miles Crane, Bruce O'Hare, Christe Pellagrino, Alex Zangief and Frank Masky. Hermes is also always seen in dressy clothes. Hermes has been tall since the day of his birth.